Inside PCGA

Inside PCGA

Palm City Garden Apartments was developed by the Dunbar Improvement Association for the purpose providing affordable housing to low income seniors and disabled individuals.

In February of 1979, the East Lee County Improvement Association Inc. was created and charged with a mission to provide retirement homes for the needy.  The original Board of Directors consisted of three notable community leaders: Mrs. Veronica Shoemaker (President), Mrs. Melvin Morgan (Secretary) and Mr. Pat McCutcheon (Treasurer).

By December of 1979, the organization's name was changed to the Dunbar Improvement Association Inc. 

By March of  1980, the number of Directors had grown.  The three charter members remained on the Board and the following equally notable community leaders were added: Mrs. Nancy Simms, Rev. Preston L. Daymon, Mrs. Audrea Anderson, Mr. James Stephens, Mr. James C. Patterson and  Mr. James Nealy. 

By June of 1983, the organization's focus had broadened.  Their enhanced mission was to promote the welfare of the elderly and handicappped persons by providing them with housing facilities and services especially designed to meet their physical, social and psychological needs, and to promote their health, security, happiness and usefulness in longer living.

On August 30, 1985, the Dunbar Improvement Association Inc. entered into a mortgage agreement with the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development for the purpose of constructing Palm City Senior Citizens & Handicapped Home.  The dream became a reality in 1986 when Palm City Garden Apartments became available for occupancy.

To date, the Dunbar Improvement Association Inc. has continued to accomplish its original purpose by providing a decent, safe and sanitary affordable housing alternative for the elderly and disabled.  

La'Kreshia Ford

Property Manager

Board Management

Mrs. Audrea Anderson


Mrs. Melvin Morgan


Mrs. Nancy Simms


Mrs. Mattie Young